Ballots and Counting Machines
The combined ballot box and countng machines are new to Iosco County.  This is an electronic system that receives your ballot, rejects your ballot if you have made an error, separates the ballots that show a write-in vote, counts your vote and then stores your ballot.

Examples of voting errors are voting for too many candidates for an office or placing a write-in in the wrong place.  If your ballot is rejected or you discover you voted for a candidate or issue by mistake, the poll worker will issue you a new ballot.  Corrections cannot be made on the original ballot because that will cause a rejection.

The electronic device sorts the ballots with write-in votes and voted ballots in different bins.  After the polls close, the precinct workers remove the ballots with the write-in votes and record the write-ins in the poll book.  A printed count of other votes is retrieved from the counting device.  The poll books showing the voting resolts are completed and delivered to the County Clerk election night.  Ballots are stored in a sealed container at the Township or City for at least 22 month after each election.