The Iosco County Board of Canvassers
The Board of Cavassers is appointed by the County Commissioners and is composed of two Democrats and two Republicans who have been recommended by each party.  To serve on the Board a person must be a "qualified elector" of the County and must take and subscribe to the constitutional oath of office.  The County Clerk serves as Secretary of the Board and does not vote.

After an August Primary or November General Election, the Board of County Canvassers must begin the Canvass at 1:00 p.m. on the day after the primary or election.  A canvass must be completed within 14 calendar days after its commencement (MCLA 168.22) .  The commencement depends on the type of primary or election held. 

The Board of Canvassers has two duties.  First they review (canvass) all election materials produced during the voting process including tabulations completed at the precinct level.  Second, in the case of city, county, township or school elections the Board declares that individuals have been elected or ballot questions passed or failed (certified). When the election involves a state office, a federal office, a state ballot question, or a federal ballot question, the County Board canvassers the election and forwards the canvass results to the State Board of Canvassers.