COVID-19 Mismanagement
From insufficient testing to a lack of coordination, the Trump administration’s botched coronavirus response has been a disaster years in the making.

An analysis of the federal government’s ability to handle a pandemic, done under the Obama administration after the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, led to the creation of a National Security Council directorate to focus strictly on biosecurity and health issues in the case of a pandemic.  In 2018, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, eliminated the directorate.

Just months before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Department of Health and Human Services reported funding shortfalls, equipment shortages, and disorganization within and among various branches and levels of government.  This report went unheeded by the President Trump.  Even after receiving the troubling warnings, the Trump administration sought to slash funding for the Center for Disease Control, a part of the Department of Health and Human Services.  As the pandemic neared its peak federal support was ended for coronavirus testing sites.

Rather than taking responsibility for mismanaging this coronavirus crisis, the Trump White House has blamed the World Health Organization for not doing enough, and has suspended its funding.

If not but for the Trump administration’s ineptness and that of his Republican sycophants, we would have been better prepared to deal with a global pandemic.  Trump recklessly ignored warnings about his administration’s lack of preparedness for a global pandemic, and now we’ve seen the devastating consequences.  This president failed Michigan families and left our state without the resources it needed to fight COVID-19 as he played political games.

Furthermore, the Trump White House has no plan for getting vital medical supplies to states, which are left to fight among themselves or seek favors from Trump; no plan for widespread testing and contact tracing; no plan for when or how to reopen parts of the economy; no plan for what happens if cases or deaths spike as people begin to return to work, or how to respond if the coronavirus surges again in the fall; and no plan for ending the coronavirus crisis.

If you like to see our nation better prepared to deal with a pandemic of epic proportions, vote Donald Trump and his enablers out of office.  If not, by all means, go to the nearest COVID-19 ward without any personal protective equipment and take a gamble with your life.