Another of the good old American words conservatives have demonized is UNIONS.  No democracy, past or present, has thrived in the absence of an active labor movement.

UNIONS created the middle class in America.  The middle class is now shrinking, in part because unions and union rights are shrinking due to a war waged on them by big money and conservatives.  The fight unions started for fair pay and benefits, for decent safe working conditions, and job security goes on.  Without unions, we will find America back in the 19th century sweatshops and massive slums...back to seniors living in flophouses, and babies dying unnecessarily.

The far right has given us lots of other new "dirty words", like "teacher", "court", "Democrat", "civil rights", "helping", "environmental", and "social welfare".

Join us Democrats in taking back the English language.  Talk back to ideologues who want to return America to a world of aristocracy, total corporate power and starving Americans to get them to work harder for less...who trade our environment and health care for mountains of wealth for the already rich.