America Is on a Doomed Course
The Republican White House and Congress have answered their fear of terrorism with invasions, prisons, brutality, and loss of freedom for Americans.  Our current course has increased the threat that weapons of mass destruction will be used against us.

It is unrealistic to believe we can keep all weapons of mass destruction from entering the United States.  Our government is unable to stop a million or more Mexican from illegally entering our country each year.  We don't stop illegal drugs from entering our prisons even with all the walls, barbed wire, and armed guards that contain most prisons.  The amount of enriched uranium that it would take to construct a nuclear bomb capable of killing a million Americans is small -- about the size of a basketball.  The secret of using such uranium to make a nuclear weapon is no secret at all.  It is readily available on the internet, for example.  Large quantities of such uranium are floating around the world since the U.S.S.R. fell apart.  Small but lethal quantities of biological or chemical material can likewise be brought into America.

A nuclear bomb or other lethal weapons could be left in a boat near most big cities, in a truck driving through any town, near any nuclear power plant, sports stadium, shopping mall, in office or apartment building, in a church, etc.  It is absurd to trust only a plan of trying to stop such weapons from harming us by guarding every foot of our border and by guarding every place in the United States were people gather.  All the wealth of our country couldn't completely protect us by such means.

We should work on reducing not increasing the hatred so much of the Muslim world feels about us.  We know many of the reasons for their anger:  We support repressive Muslim governments, we station U.S. military bases in their countries, we slaughter tens of thousands of their children and women who get in the way of our "precision bombs" and tank rounds in Iraq.  The world is unable to obtain justice for the Palestinians while ensuring a safe Israel.  Israel bristles with weapons of mass destruction and occupies Arab lands (in violation of U.N. mandates).

We suggest learning from President Jimmy Carter's national policy of supporting those that protect human rights and doing what we can to convince or oppose those who do not.  Our current policy seems to be allying our country with whoever we think is friendly to American big money.  Keeping military bases near Middle East oil supplies is not worth the danger it puts us in.  We cannot counter that danger with military might.  But we may be able to counter it with diplomacy, recognition of human rights, and the use of international bodies (like the United Nations).  We could certainly save billions of dollars in resorting to diplomacy rather than just military might or trying to seal off our country.

Help us give diplomacy a chance.  We should stop choosing war and bullying as our first choices.  Join usVote Democratic.