The Prescription Drug Octopus

Confused by the new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan? Your not alone!  If you haven't signed up for it, you're among the many eligible Americans who've decided to wait until it is fixed.  Don't hold your breath.  The pharmaceutical industry alone invested over $140 million to influence Congress in the development of this octopus.  Republican Senator John McCain called the package the "No Lobbyist Left Behind Bill."  Americans expected Congress to come up with a simple and fiscally responsible program.  What we got was an Octopus whose may tentacles, shifting body and confusing cloud of ink makes it practically impossible to figure out.

Why did the Republicans decide to run the program through dozens of private insurance companies rather than Medicare?  Because they wanted to throw billions of dollars to the (already fabulously rich) drug and insurance companies.  It's just that simple.  This lobbyist written law even makes it illegal for the government to negotiate drug prices with drug companies!

The overhead for Medicare run health coverage is about 2%.  For private insurance companies, it's about 15-20%.  According to the Medicare Rights Center, the new law will result in a 37% incrase in profits for an industry that is already the most profitable in the country.

Also, having dozens of companies and plans for seniors to deal with makes the process far too complicated.  Join us in your Democratic Party in saying "sorry" to the giant drug and insurance corporations.  We can create an all Medicare prescription drug plan that will be lots cheaper and simpler.  And, lets allow Medicare to bargain drug prices.  Let seniors buy safe drugs from Canada.  Democrats believe people are more important than corporate profits.