Estate Tax Malarkey

If you agree that estates only pay taxes after the first $1,500,000.00 (which is tax free and then starts at 1½%) is still too heavy of a burden for the rich to pay, then join the Republican Party aristocracy and help the children of the rich get richer. 

The estate tax was created after the industrial revolution when a super rich aristocracy was taking over the country using monopolies concentrating huge fortunes in a few families.  America was not intended to be an aristocracy.  Much of the money in this richest 1% of estates has NEVER BEEN TAXED due to numerous loopholes.  The rich have loads of gimmicks to pass on millions that don't count toward the $1.5 million.  NO GENUINE FARM ESTATES PAY THIS TAX.

If you agree with us that this is not the time for yet another tax break for the mega rich,   then join us in the Iosco County Democratic Party.