What Kind of Government Do Americans Want?
According to polls, such as Pew Research, New York Times and Gallup, a large percentage want:
  • Leaders who are competent rather than inept and incompetent.
  • Leaders who are truthful rather than misleading or dishonest.
  • Heads of government agencies appointed for their expertise rather than their cronyism.
  • Leaders who are fiscally responsible rather than ones who cause huge deficits.
  • Leaders who give equal tax cuts to all, not just the rich.
  • Leaders who are proper and lawful custodians of the public assets and trust and do not peddle influence.
  • Judges who base decisions on law, not religion.
  • Leaders who stay out of family medical decisions and do not politicize very private matters.
If you really believe the current Republican regime supports and carries these out, then keep them in office.  On the other hand, if you truly want something better for America, vote for progressive Democratic candidates who put people ahead of corporation influence.