Republican Health Care Plan:  Don't Get Sick
Thanks to the recent passage of comprehensive health care reform by a Congress with Democratic majority, the United States is no longer the only modern country on planet Earth that does not have a comprehensive health care plan for its citizens.  Pre-existing conditions can no longer be a basis for denial of coverage, and children may be covered under the health insurance of a parent until age 26.

Democrats since President Harry S. Truman have been trying to get a health care plan for Americans.  Republicans have blocked them almost every time.  Now that comprehensive health care is within reach of all Americans, the Republicans are threatening to repeal the comprehensive health care reform enacted during the Obama administration, or withhold the necessary appropriations for funding it.

In these days of employers eliminating health care coverage as a benefit of employment, it is more important than ever that we have a modern health care plan for our modern country.

Join us in the Democratic Party to protect health coverage for all.  Vote Democratic.