The "Liberal Press" Fable
When some conservatives disagree with new stories that differ from the Bush party line, they are quick to blame the "liberal media."  The obvious fact is the American media is mostly very conservative, partly because they speak for big money and big money is a big part of the Republican Party.

Because conservative presidential candidate Barry Goldwater was rejected by a landslide in 1967, conservatives set to work to change their image.  They bought up the media.  They got rid of the "fairness in broadcasting" rule so that "news" and commentary programming is allowed to pretend their right wing thinking is the only thinking.  Almost all the electronic media and most of the print media are now owned by giant corporations.

Since 1964, the leaders behind the conservative movement have invested hundreds of billions of dollars to convince Americans of their ideas.  Part of that money went to set up right wing "think tanks", institutes, and college groups.  Their opinions are often now repeated by the media without disclosing that these "experts" are often biased political puppets for the extreme right.  To convince Americans to not trust a more objective view of the world, conservatives have been successful in convincing many that the media is liberal and not to be believed when the facts they report do not agree with the right wing agenda.  They demonize or belittle every person or group they cannot control -- like independent broadcasting, the United Nations, our neighbors in Canada, the European coutries, etc.  Yes, boys and girls, there is a vast right wing conspiracy.

VOTE DEMOCRATIC!  Join us in returning to fair broadcasting.  Help the media understand we insist on more impartiality in both choosing what news to present and how it is to be presented.