The Media:  Liberal or Conservative
On October 2, 2005, Representative Tom DeLay, Republican from Texas, was indicted on felony charges of illegally funneling corporate money to Republicans.  On the following "Face the Nation" news commentary program, Bob Schieffer hosted a panel of three Republican Members of Congress:  David Drier of California, John Shadegg of Arizona, and Jim Leach of Iowa.  It wasn't until halfway through the interview that Mr. Schieffer got around to saying: "Let me point out that I didn't invite any Democrats to be on this morning because I thought this was a Republican problem and wanted to gieve you a chance to talk about it."  The funny thing is, it is our national problem when politicians are swaying elections illegally.

On an earlier ocation (11/07/04), after the election which saw the Republicans solidify their power in both the House and Senate, "Face the Nation" had an all Republican panel:  Members of Congress Arlen Spector, Chuck Hagel, and Susan Collins.  No Democrats or Independents for rebuttal.  It would seem the media only need to talk to Republicans.  If Democrats are liberal and Republicans conservative, where does the media become so liberal?

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