If you or I steal $10 from a store, we reasonably expect to be treated to a criminal conviction, humiliation and possibly a term in jail.

If a corporation steals millions of dollars from its employee pension fund, or fails to put enough in the fund to honor its obligations, it is treated as a wise investor.  The employees are left to rely on the federal government for Social Security and/or the Federal Pension Guarantee fund.  Though these programs may provide only part of what the robbed employees may have counted on in retirement, at least the government will not (and never has) walked away from its responsibilities to retirees.  The adored "private sector" walks away from pension responsibilities as a routine business practice.

When President George W. Bush took office, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation had a surplus of billions.  It now has a deficit of billions.  The government will (again) have to bail out the big corporations.

Let's elbow the corporations (and their lobbyists) aside and put and end to this excess of big money.  Companies could and should be required to put enough money in a pension trust fund to cover its expected pension responsibilties.  To fail to do so should be a crime.  To take that pension trust money for any purpose other than to pay the promised pensions should be treated as what it is--embezzlement.

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