Republican Racism

During the 2018 national elections, native Americans in North Dakota were obstructed in their right to vote for the candidates of their own choosing by a recent law which requires an identification with a residential address.  Most, if not all, individuals living on tribal lands do not have a street address.  They receive their mail at the local post office.  This law was passed by Republicans to impede native Americans who have largely supported Democratic candidates.

In Dodge City, Kansas, a town with a large Hispanic population, Republican officials moved the single polling station for 13,000 voters outside the city limits, more than a mile from the nearest bus stop.  It is surmised that this too was done to suppress the vote of Hispanics, many of whom work in meat processing plants, and for whom getting to a remote polling place would be a greater hardship than for older affluent white people living in the same city.

Then there is Georgia.  There, 214 polling places have been closed, the majority of these occurring in poor counties and those with significant African-American populations.  Early voting was cut back, and they have aggressively purged their voter rolls.  Amost 10% of individuals on its voter rolls have been purged.  Furthermore, the Republican Secretary of State had blocked 53,000 voter registrations.  The Georgia legislature reauthorized a "disenfranchisement by typo" law which requires the name submitted on a voter registration form to be an exact match with the name on other government databases.  Thus, a registration can be halted even if one letter, or a hyphen, is missing.  More than 80 percent of those registrations belonged to black voters; not to mention the appearance of impropriety fo the Georgia Secretary of State overseeing an election while running for governer.

By their fruits will you know them.  --Matthew 7:16

If you believe that indigenous, Hispanic, and black voters should be systematically obstructed from voting in our great land, then by all means, join and support the Republican Party.

If on the other hand, you believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in elections and in our government, then join us in our fight for truth, justice, and the American way!