Our Registered Voter List
Our registered voter list is maintained by the 11 township and the 3 city clerks of Iosco County.

You can register to vote when you apply for or renew your drivers license or by seeing the clerk of your township or city.  Your clerk will then send you an updated registration card.  If you change your address, it is important to notify your city or township clerk so a correction can be made to the Voter list.  Updating the Voter List is an ongoing process.

On election day, you may be asked for your registration card to compare with the registered voter list.  If your name is not on that list, the poll workers will make every effort to determine your eligibility to vote.  You can ask for a special ballot if they still can't find it.

Registered voters are then given a ballot and directed to a voting booth to cast their ballot.  The workers will help if a voter has any questions.