How's Your 401(k)?

The current President has been taking credit for a prosperous economy.  Like many other claims, such as crowd size at his inauguration, this one is false.  Prior to the Obama Administration, the ecomony was in shambles.  Thanks to the efforts of the Obama Administration, a major ecomomic disaster was averted.  Unemployment decreased and economic growth resumed.

If you believe the stock market is a good indicator of Administration performance, the performance of the current Administration is lackluster at best.  As of November 9, 1918, S&P 500 returns were up 20.9% under the current Administration -- compared to up 51.4% under the Obama Administration for the same number of market days.

Furthermore, as the stimulus of the Republican's tax cut for big business and the rich wears off and federal deficits grow larger as a result, the current economic growth cannot be sustained.

If you believe that an Administration which gives tax cuts to big business and the rich, and creates an economy which will inevitably crash is best for you, as well as our nation, then by all means support Republicans.

If, on the other hand, you're more concerned about benefitting from a sustainable economy which shares the wealth working people produce more equitably, join us in supporting folks who will do their best to make that a reality.