The War on Terror is Over!!
If we say so, that is.  No country declared a "war" against us.  Instead our President decided to treat the muderous acts of a couple of dozen or so extremists from the Middle East (mostly Saudis) as a declaration of war.  There are so many problems with our "war on terror" that Americans would be better off if we ended it now.  Dangerous and expensive laws and lawless acts were being promoted in the name of the "war on terror."

Terror is not a person, group or country we can make war (or peace) with.  It is a tactic usually used by the desperate who feel helpless to otherwise get attention, make a point, or achieve a victory for their cause.  Making war on a tactic is a futile exercise.  Desperate people with a political goal have always been with us and will probably always be with us.

Our  "war on terrorism"  has been expensive in both lost treasure for America and lost liberties for Americans.  The so-called "Patriot Act", NSA spying, secret prisons, abandoning Habeas Corpus, international kidnapping, and other attacks on our Constitution have cost us more than this "war" is worth.  So let's get it over -- the same way we started it.  By saying so!!  There is no other way to end it because there is no one to make peace with.  Our war mentality will otherwise go on forever.

The tactic of terrorism is a criminal not a military problem.  We should use existing international criminal agencies (like Interpol and the United Nations) to fight it.  The United States must not continue on a war footing any longer.